About us

iweb Telecom LLC is operating in IT industry, seeks to serve our clients and partners with excellence without giving up our values. Dissatisfied with a market that values volume, we seek standards of excellence to connect people and systems and to provide an incredible digital journey. We are now venturing in SMS Sector (A2P SMS) Bulk SMS Service, Custom Software Modernization, Automation, and Integration in 2023 registered in USA.
Inspired and challenged by each technological breakthrough, iweb’s commitment to the development of high-end encrypted has earned it authoritative positions and recognition in multiple industries.

No matter the size of your project, iweb Telecom LLC’s software consulting services bring together the experience and soft skills you need in a single turn-key package, whether you need one person to an entire team. Our scalable resources are built from a base of trusted iweb Telecom LLC full-time employees and can help you from the beginning of your project or mid-steam to add that extra boost of experience you may need.

  • Custom Software Development
  • A2P messaging termination
  • Bulk SMS
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Web development

Domain Expertise

Our greatest strength is our domain expertise. We understand your requirements and accordingly devise customized solutions.

Faster Turnaround

There is nothing more important than getting required talent on board at the right time. Don’t miss business opportunities due to lack of talent.

High Calibre Team

What does it take to build a high calibre team – Another high calibre team that will work on the mandate. We have a team of passionate professionals whose mission is to help you build a team of rockstars.

Leadership Hiring

Getting the right person for the right job is half the work done. Stakes are much higher when it’s about hiring for the Leadership team. We do extensive background checks so that you build a team that shares your Vision of the company’s future.

Industry Benchmarking

We assist you in developing compensation benchmarks- be it for a particular skill-set, department or an entire organization. You will always be better than the best.

OTP messaging

One-time password or OTP SMS is a growing type of A2P messaging. OTP SMS contains automatically generated code for one-time use to complete a request. Our company offers reliable SMS routes that guarantee fast and secure delivery of one-time passwords.