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Maxx Voip

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Sv Gold

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G2 Plus

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Teli Zone

Hp Tel

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Hello Prime

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Wholesale A-Z Termination

We offer our service to carriers, small businesses, callshops, resellers and other VOIP service providers.
we are able to provide you only the best quality and the best prices available anywhere on the VOIP market.

Competitive Rates

Calls are billed in 1 second increments except Mexico fix and mobile which are billed in 60 seconds increment. Rates are subjected to change without notice.

Easy To Use

It is very easy to use our services, as signing up is simple and fast. Simply create an account, then make a pre-payment using one of our payment methods, and then configure your device in order to gain access to the cheapest wholesale termination rates anywhere.
+1 337 516 1132

Platinum IP Voice

Designed for businesses whose retail customers demand the highest possible quality and guaranteed CLI delivery. These routes are tested using sophisticated CLI detection software to ensure the routes adhere to the highest quality metrics.

Gold IP Voice

Ideal for businesses whose retail customers require high quality at competitive market rates. CLI is supported wherever possible but is not guaranteed 100%. Monitoring of quality metrics and continuous manual testing are used to ensure the routes adhere to retail quality standards.

Silver IP Voice

Geared toward businesses that require stable connection at the absolute lowest price. This is a non-CLI product and is tested for voice quality through manual testing.
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